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Family MediationFamilies are at the core of our communities. At FMRC we are dedicated to providing families who are experiencing divorce, separation, or other potentially difficult life transitions with affordable and equal access to justice and dispute resolution processes, right in their own communities!

We strongly believe that, with the right supports in place, families can settle their disputes outside of court and in the best interests of all family members, especially the children. We are here to provide your family with the support it needs through this transition!

The following services are offered according to individual income:

Family Law Mediation – a neutral professional, the mediator, will work with you and your (former) partner on reaching a mutually agreeable settlement that fits your family’s needs.

Help with developing Parenting Plans – we will work with you and your (former) partner on creating a parenting plan that best fits your family and your child(ren)’s needs.

Separation Information – depending on your family’s situation, we will provide you with additional information about separation, divorce, domestic violence, parenting supports and community resources.

Mediation (other than family) – a neutral professional will work with you and the other party(ies) on reaching a  mutually satisfying outcome.


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Family Dispute Resolution