Coparenting Strategies after divorce or separation

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This event finished on 02 November 2017

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Brief Description

Coparenting is a shared activity undertaken by adults responsible for the care and upbringing of one or more child this partnership is critical to a child’s development, psychological health, and self esteem in addition to the other relationships that may have existed between parents- romantic partners, business partners, friends, etc- when two people have a child together, even if their relationship does not remain amicable they are co parents for life.

When children are involved in Separation or Divorce, the long-term effects can be exponential if not handled with care.  This educational session will provide parents with the necessary tools and strategies to co-parent in a way that is child-focused.

 Topics Include:

 How to protect children from the fallout of a divorce

What it means to Co-Parent

Different styles of Co-Parenting, and which one works best for your own situation

How to lay out terms of an agreement in a Parenting Plan

How to communicate based on your Co-Parenting style

Long-term goals and tips on how to stand the test of time

How to develop habits that will work for you and your former partner