Our Mandate

FMRC is an inclusive, diversity-minded not-for-profit organization whose mandate is to:

  • Provide  families who are experiencing divorce, separation or other potentially difficult life transitions with free  or affordable access to conflict resolution alternatives in their community.
  • Establish a collaborative and ongoing link between families, dispute resolution professionals and community resources.
  • Develop a culturally safe and inclusive environment and provide ongoing educational workshops aimed at promoting a greater understanding of family conflict, children’s best interests and alternatives to litigation.
  • Empower families to amicably resolve disputes outside of Court and establish long-term coping skills.

    Our Strategic Targets (2016 – 2018)

  • Establish community-based family mediation as an essential community service – promoting and preserving the sense of fairness, dignity and equal access.
  • Conduct screening for domestic violence and power imbalances to promote safety and fairness of mediation process and to screen out those cases that are not suitable for this process.
  • Grow existing/Develop new programs, services, workshops, activities and newsletter to raise awareness and educate communities about family dispute resolution processes.
  • Link clients with appropriate community resources and networks.
  • Identify and implement the required organizational structure and culture to achieve FMRC’s strategic priorities and mission.

Family Dispute Resolution