First radio show that gives you the opportunity to have just that, straight talk on family law and to get some answers!

With your hosts: Marty Klein and Laura Catone-Tarcea(AccFM)


Every Thursday at 8pm EST

This week’s topic: Turning the mic to our youth and her experience with parental divorce! 

This Thursday, we get to hear directly from our young guest, Ray, on:
What did divorce mean for her – how did she cope?
What meant for her to have separated parents?
How did she feel when step-parents entered her life?

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It is a rarity both personally and/or professionally to dedicate a weekly hour to any one particular event; that until I tuned in to Straight Talk Family Law hosted by Marty Klein and Laura Catone-Tarcea(AccFM). As a colleague and like-minded professional I truly appreciate well respected professionals Marty and Laura as they exude an eagerness to share their cumulative abundance of knowledge on the many facets of #familylaw with the public at large during their weekly engaging, unstaged radio talk show Straight Talk Family Law. What a fantastic opportunity you offer for all to broaden their perspective and knowledge within such a complex, emotion driven and all too often overwhelming topic. Thursday evenings 8pm now permanently penned months ahead. Wishing you much ongoing success and mes félicitations on such a well-orchestrated endeavour.” (Lisa-Marie Pharand, AccFM, CPMed)

Laura and Marty’s radio show is an hour full of interesting, thoughtful and useful information for anyone whose personal relationship is retiring. The weekly topics provide a common sense and reasoned approach to the issues separating life partners invariably encounter. If this show was a book I’d urge anyone going through a separation to keep it in their “back pocket”.    ‎Listen to the show – you’ll walk away with practical tips and healthy strategies on how to navigate your separation.” (Patricia Nelson, Family Lawyer)  

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